What a BORING DAY for myself

8 Sept 2012 – Almost more of the the time I have been alone, I feel myself become individualism where the older I become the less friends I meet. Some more living in the heart of the city that without own transportation make me feel this world become smaller even I have Internet access.

People said that the world become smaller and smaller where human made Internet access for everyone. With wireless, 3G, 4G or even NASA build-up satellite that allow people connect to people without meet up each others, but I did not agree for this brilliant idea where I feel myself hang up in one corner and unmovable looking at the monitor =.=!!

Staying in the heart of the city that without own transportation become more hesitate where I stay alone at home and unable to meet friends at all. My live less of entertainment make me lack of confident in doing things.

I hate this feel where people can become him/herself and do whatever they want, but I can’t due to inflation of the economic. Housing price increase, car price increase, food and beverage price increase but salary remain unchange. Try to search some information to buy my own transportation but life not allow. Make me feel more harder and harder to live.

All are living me alone here……..


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On 17 June 2011, my grandmother fall in sick due to food poisoning. Around 1am I bring her to seek a doctor at clinic at Sri Petaling but still not cure. At 2.30am, my family bring my grandmother to seek the same doctor for injection, but still not cure.

On 18 June 2011, early morning at 4am my grandmother claim that her stomach so pain. So we decide to bring her to HUKM hospital for checking, but the doctor in HUKM is very suck; ask a stupid question instead of checking for grandmother situation. While my grandmother is fainting. The doctor takes some blood sample and X-ray for analysis.

At 7am, doctor told us that Po Po is fine and ask her eat and drink to wash out all the bacteria in her stomach without showing us the result of the report. I’m not sure whether he is serious looking for the report or not. What the hell of this doctor. Old people faint down in coma, unable to talk, face in black colour – told me that my grandmother is nothing.

We unable to trust this doctor, we bring my grandmother to Gleneagles Hospital. When reach doctor told us that my grandmother in critical situation and send my grandmother to ICU room. Why doctor in HUKM told us my grandmother is fine? but how come become so serious?

Finally my grandmother pass aways.

Please tell me who is responsible for this? Did I’m wrong to bring her to HUKM?

Why HUKM is so no responsibility or the doctor really no experience at all?

If the doctor take it serious and let my grandmother admit in Hospital i’m sure she can recover.

I really can’t accept this. Hope the resposibility person can take serious into this matter, I don’t hope it happen to second or thirth person.

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Disaster for me in the Office !!!

Today I have an argument with my colleague Nitiya, She screw me up until I can’t believe myself fall in this trouble. It’s because of one wrong word coming our from my mouth it make this disaster happen. I have been say a thousand times of SORRY but still not cure, beside say sorry from face to face, I do sent an apology from e-mail and SMS by phone, but still not cure. All this because I really care of this friendship.

I’m apology to say so because I really treat her as my friend in the office, but now is different story. She treat me like an enemy. I do cry when the time she screw at me. I do want to handover my re-sign letter to my boss. Does it worth? A friend that I trust and believe can turn the strategy to be enemy. I found myself in trouble now. 2day i can’t sleep well.

One sentense “I just come in not free, you handle la” can kill my soul in this company.

It’s women is so small gas untill blowing out?

I really not understand the scenario, I hope to research more about women and caught up what actually women thinking.

Once word or one sentense can easily broke up our friendship.

I did’t not do anything that will harm her,

I did’t do anything take will grap her position,

I did’t do anything that I steel her money,

I did’t do anything that I steel her beloved,

I did’t do anything that I punch her,

I did’t do anything that will injured her,


Just a word or sentense the make her misunderstand of me, I just a funny gays that laugh at all day, because of this laught and funny make me fall in trouble.

I do promise myself start on today onward, I won’t make funny in the office, won’t talk much in the office, won’t join any activity in the office.

I only will do back myself once I finish the office hour.

I do care of this friendship

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Rude Taxi Driver in Malaysia

06/06/2011 – Today I drove my way back from Sri Petaling toward Bukit Jalil. A taxi came from my back side. He lift up the head light and Hon along the way he came to my car. In no choice situation I need to turn my car to a side to left the taxi pass it, but once the taxi cross my car he open his window and point rude finger over me. Did he feel shame? While it only take few second but the image is very bad. This is Malaysian? Somemore there have passanger in his taxi. OMG!!! MALAYSIA!!!!

Avoid the same case happen to my friends and family member, I have noticed down the plate number of the taxi. Hope all of us precaution of this taxi.

Car Plate Number: HB9965

It really embrassement taxi in Malaysia, first at all I won’t believing what my friend told me that taxi in Malaysia is very rude. now I believe!!! I really believe….. I do believe…

This is Malaysia………..

Please share if you also face the same/similar issue.


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I have been invited by my friend when to this pub where located at PJ TRADE CENTRE.

This pub still look new and all environmnet is suitable for people to have chat.

Also there have a DJ in the house, best recommend to those who want to hang out with friend and have a talk in the pub.

Dress: casual, short pant allow






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Last time when I and my friend when to OverTime located at Tropicana to celebrate my friend birthday. We have order a barrer of Stalker. I thought the quantity is very small and we only have 4-5 person at the time.

The cost of RM300++ for a barrer, and the quantity is mostly same a 10 pints.

It amazing, all of us get full at the time and we also ate the cake where we celebrate with my friend. Before we leave, the owner free 1 cup of Lamporgini where all the liquir burn with fire will tall cup long. It FOC!!! Thanks OverTime, my friend alone finish the cup full of pure liquir. Make his face change to red and blur blur ^^


Traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat, the German-style fresh beer has a Malty-sweet taste with fruity hints, and blends delicately with the herbal aroma of the traditional German hops. The beer is currently available at selected bars and night entertainment outlet .

Dress: Casual, short pant allow

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The Royal Oak

Last time when chatting with my friend, we found out there have a cheaper pub in the town. The beer only cost you RM 50 nett for 3 pints for All Day All Night. It amazing price to whom like drink Kilkenny or Guinness Stout (draught). The taste is excellent if compare to other pub or club. You also may request for special that Guinness Stout add some Ribena. The taste become special….. Try it out !!!

The environment is noisy and clouded. Is a place for you to have a talk and chat.

Best recommend for who like to drink Guinness Stout.

Located: Mont Kiara, Solaris  and Jaya One (PJ)

Dress: Casual, short pant allow


Royal Oak British Colonial Pub & Restaurant first established itself at Mont Kiara, Solaris in 2008. With it’s simple traditional style, the management offers the best promotions in the region for the satisfaction of it’s customers.

We are passionate in our dedication to hospitality and in excellent service in an environment that acts as a second “home” to many of our faithful patrons.

The opening of our second outlet at Jaya One just last year shows that Royal Oak provides a place of friendship and enjoyment to the community and will maintain our objective of………………. Traditional.

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