Congratulation to Mak Wai Loon and Wife (Getting Married) **13 March 2011**


I have invited by my friend where we know each others since in primary school. Now he want to get married. I’m so happy when I heard for this good news. Congratulation brother.

During dinner (Pavillion @ Grand Palace)

The Grand Palace Restaurant where located at Pavillion Mall, is really a good geographycal area for those who attend. There is no problem for the raining day because we can park at the basement of the mall… 

Grand Palace

A have meet my ex-school mate where did’t meet them few year ago, but a bit sad coz I been arrange to sit different table with them. In my table, I won’t ever know each other. Luckily I have change my table to 1 of my friend side.. hehe…

Before ending…

I was drink a lot before I left the restaurant. I DRUNK at last.. wuwuwu..

Congratulation to you my best brother.

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