Emotion is the complex psychophysiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental.
A lot of unneccesary thing come to me, make so feel frustrated.

1st Problem Occur….

Someone call me say that I did’t sign the agreement yet and need penalty me. Actually I have sign it 3weeks ago. How come ppl not resposibility and can blame me. SHIT!!!

2nd Problem…

This more troblesome, it happen in my workplace.
I have forget to chop 1 of the document. Make me get scold by someone and broke my performance down. SHIT X 2 !!!

I duno why all this come to me.
Today onward I promise myself be more careful in doing thing, no matter in my life or work. won’t let me do wrong again even a sigle word.
Practice to be a robot that no error no emotion and no humanity.

More than 6 months I did’t out for lunch, to ensure all my work is inplace.
God please bless me !!!



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