Streamyx Line so SLOW!!!

What I know is Streamyx is the faster and stable line in Malaysia if compare to others. This few years there have company have launch a high internet speed such as P1, YES, MAXIS, CELCOM and UMobile **my own opinion**
Goventment hope this competitor can bring up the services of TM-Streamyx to public.


Event there have many competitor, this few days the streamyx line very slow, or ever hard to connect. I’m not sure whether this is related to Japan earth quake + tsunami?


If really before of the Japan disaster why we did’t received any information or annoucement from TM showing that the line slow because of this?
It’s TM not responsibility on this?

Hopefully someone can advice/inform me regarding of this issue.

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5 Responses to Streamyx Line so SLOW!!!

  1. Salleh says:

    Well, the announcement was made by TM via their website on 12/3/11 regarding the internet service disruption. When i checked the news today, telco operators are still fixing the damaged fibre optic cables undersea nearby Japan. Hope all internet connetctions back to normal sooner.

  2. LamWai says:

    Thx for the information, hopfully the line can recover fast.

  3. M Sairul says:

    btw, you can get the service disruption announcement when u call 100. im totally in screamyx now.. so slow lah 😦

  4. LamWai says:

    I do called to the customer services (#100). Saying tat the cable is fixing. Ask me call back if i’m unable to connect. It hard to call in, always in waiting call. Tired!!!

  5. LamWai says:

    Streamyx line is back on track line.

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