Japan – Earthquake(9.0-scale), Tsunami and Radioactive


After the 9.0 Scale of esthquake and tsunami in Japan, now there are facing for the Radioactive problem where the powerplan in Fukushima has resulted the leak of radioactive.
In the reading of newspaper find out the radioactive is in dangarous level where can impact human health.

Meanwhile seafood and food producer are idendify positive for radioactive. The result is 27 times above the official limits. Human aound the world are terifying for the leak of radioactive.


Now onward, I won’t eat sashimi and sushi import from Japan.

You may refer below news from Daily Chile for your information:

Tokyo could be hit next
Teeming Tokyo is facing devastation as a new earthquake threat hits Japan.

Experts warned Monday night that the capital – home to 39 million people – is near a spot where massive pressures are set to erupt under the earth’s crust.

The resulting quake won’t be as violent as the 9-scale disaster that triggered the tsunami on March 11.

But Tokyo – 200 miles from the epicentre of that quake – is packed with high-rise buildings.

British Geological Survey expert Roger Musson said: “Even if you got, let’s say, a 7.5, that would be serious.”

The alert came as serious levels of radioactivity were found in food produced in Japan.

The government confirmed “abnormal” levels had contaminated spinach, milk and water up to 150 miles from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

Tap water in Tokyo was tainted and tests on spinach 62 miles from the plant showed levels of radioactive iodine 27 times above the official limit.

Fava beans exported to Taiwan were contaminated – and a Japanese restaurant in capital Taipei offered diners radiation gauges.

Environmental physicist Dr Jim Smith, of the University of Portsmouth, said there had been a “very serious release of radioactivity”.

The earthquake toll yesterday reached 8,805 dead with 13,261 missing.

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