OH MY GOSH – My Neck !!!

This is bad story happen on myself and curse me a serious pain on my neck. Make me so troublesome that not allow me to see left and right.

The incident happen, when the time I wake up from my bed, suddenly i heard a sound “crack crack” that came from my neck. Oh My Gosh!!!! It so so so PAIN……..

Pain from inside to outside, not able to move up and down, left and right.

Serious problem occur when the time I drive to work. I seem like a new drive on the road, coz I not able to see left and right before I perform the turn, I only use my ability sense that there are no car is coming.

Shocking, while make the turn I only knew that my sense is wrong, a big bus is coming toward me…….


Lucky, the bus slow down and stop aside to allow me turn from the junction. Thanks god!!! Lucky there is a good driver in the bus, but I feel so shame, seem like a stupit driver in the road =.=!

This pain has cause me 2 days, hopefully it will recover before reach my weekend.

This few days I unstoppable using Yoko Yoko to reduce my pain.  It a good medicine..

God bless.

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