This is NOT FAIR !!!


I have been working in this company for 2 years and 6 months. Most of my time have been spend in the office. I feel that my home only act like a hotel where only reach home at 9-10pm and when to work at 8am.

Overall of the working hours of this company is 8-9 hours, I have work fully 8-9 hours as per the contract mention, I have no space time between my working life here. Whole day busy until not easy to get off to rest room or lunch.

This is NOT FAIR !!!

Some people:

Came to work at: 12.30pm

Lunch at: 1pm till 2.30pm

Back home around 7-8pm

Total of working time: 6 hours.

The total of 6 hours working life is not include for the chatting time, rest time, rest room time, pantries time and so on… but there still can get promote to senior categories due to relationship with senior management.

Any one can advice whether performance employee is important for the organization or relationship is more important?

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