ZOUK KL – 16 April 2011


This is the first time I when to this club. Many people told that this is the famous and happening club in Kuala Lumpur.

When we reach there, we need to shown our identity card and get questioning from the checker if you are underage or you face look like thief.. hehe…

We have sitting at the VIP place… Wauuuu… My 1st time in VIP list…. So happy and so excited… the 1st round, we order 2 bottle of Black Label, it only cost RM702.00 (Reasonable).  2nd round – 1 bucket of Heineken cost RM 65.00 (Very Cheap).

I’m very satisfy for the price in the club, but the atmosphere and the size of the club is very disappointed. The place is smelly, so cloudly, so dark, small and the music is very bad.

There is no 2nd time for me to this place..

Thanks for attended this party: Carmen Toon, Pei Siew, Loke, Shirnny, Kah Keng, Chee Wai, Chee Wai brother, Nicholas, 3 members of Nicholas friends.

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