Rude Taxi Driver in Malaysia

06/06/2011 – Today I drove my way back from Sri Petaling toward Bukit Jalil. A taxi came from my back side. He lift up the head light and Hon along the way he came to my car. In no choice situation I need to turn my car to a side to left the taxi pass it, but once the taxi cross my car he open his window and point rude finger over me. Did he feel shame? While it only take few second but the image is very bad. This is Malaysian? Somemore there have passanger in his taxi. OMG!!! MALAYSIA!!!!

Avoid the same case happen to my friends and family member, I have noticed down the plate number of the taxi. Hope all of us precaution of this taxi.

Car Plate Number: HB9965

It really embrassement taxi in Malaysia, first at all I won’t believing what my friend told me that taxi in Malaysia is very rude. now I believe!!! I really believe….. I do believe…

This is Malaysia………..

Please share if you also face the same/similar issue.


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