Disaster for me in the Office !!!

Today I have an argument with my colleague Nitiya, She screw me up until I can’t believe myself fall in this trouble. It’s because of one wrong word coming our from my mouth it make this disaster happen. I have been say a thousand times of SORRY but still not cure, beside say sorry from face to face, I do sent an apology from e-mail and SMS by phone, but still not cure. All this because I really care of this friendship.

I’m apology to say so because I really treat her as my friend in the office, but now is different story. She treat me like an enemy. I do cry when the time she screw at me. I do want to handover my re-sign letter to my boss. Does it worth? A friend that I trust and believe can turn the strategy to be enemy. I found myself in trouble now. 2day i can’t sleep well.

One sentense “I just come in not free, you handle la” can kill my soul in this company.

It’s women is so small gas untill blowing out?

I really not understand the scenario, I hope to research more about women and caught up what actually women thinking.

Once word or one sentense can easily broke up our friendship.

I did’t not do anything that will harm her,

I did’t do anything take will grap her position,

I did’t do anything that I steel her money,

I did’t do anything that I steel her beloved,

I did’t do anything that I punch her,

I did’t do anything that will injured her,


Just a word or sentense the make her misunderstand of me, I just a funny gays that laugh at all day, because of this laught and funny make me fall in trouble.

I do promise myself start on today onward, I won’t make funny in the office, won’t talk much in the office, won’t join any activity in the office.

I only will do back myself once I finish the office hour.

I do care of this friendship

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