On 17 June 2011, my grandmother fall in sick due to food poisoning. Around 1am I bring her to seek a doctor at clinic at Sri Petaling but still not cure. At 2.30am, my family bring my grandmother to seek the same doctor for injection, but still not cure.

On 18 June 2011, early morning at 4am my grandmother claim that her stomach so pain. So we decide to bring her to HUKM hospital for checking, but the doctor in HUKM is very suck; ask a stupid question instead of checking for grandmother situation. While my grandmother is fainting. The doctor takes some blood sample and X-ray for analysis.

At 7am, doctor told us that Po Po is fine and ask her eat and drink to wash out all the bacteria in her stomach without showing us the result of the report. I’m not sure whether he is serious looking for the report or not. What the hell of this doctor. Old people faint down in coma, unable to talk, face in black colour – told me that my grandmother is nothing.

We unable to trust this doctor, we bring my grandmother to Gleneagles Hospital. When reach doctor told us that my grandmother in critical situation and send my grandmother to ICU room. Why doctor in HUKM told us my grandmother is fine? but how come become so serious?

Finally my grandmother pass aways.

Please tell me who is responsible for this? Did I’m wrong to bring her to HUKM?

Why HUKM is so no responsibility or the doctor really no experience at all?

If the doctor take it serious and let my grandmother admit in Hospital i’m sure she can recover.

I really can’t accept this. Hope the resposibility person can take serious into this matter, I don’t hope it happen to second or thirth person.

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