What a BORING DAY for myself

8 Sept 2012 – Almost more of the the time I have been alone, I feel myself become individualism where the older I become the less friends I meet. Some more living in the heart of the city that without own transportation make me feel this world become smaller even I have Internet access.

People said that the world become smaller and smaller where human made Internet access for everyone. With wireless, 3G, 4G or even NASA build-up satellite that allow people connect to people without meet up each others, but I did not agree for this brilliant idea where I feel myself hang up in one corner and unmovable looking at the monitor =.=!!

Staying in the heart of the city that without own transportation become more hesitate where I stay alone at home and unable to meet friends at all. My live less of entertainment make me lack of confident in doing things.

I hate this feel where people can become him/herself and do whatever they want, but I can’t due to inflation of the economic. Housing price increase, car price increase, food and beverage price increase but salary remain unchange. Try to search some information to buy my own transportation but life not allow. Make me feel more harder and harder to live.

All are living me alone here……..


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