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This is NOT FAIR !!!

Hi, I have been working in this company for 2 years and 6 months. Most of my time have been spend in the office. I feel that my home only act like a hotel where only reach home at 9-10pm … Continue reading

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OH MY GOSH – My Neck !!!

This is bad story happen on myself and curse me a serious pain on my neck. Make me so troublesome that not allow me to see left and right. The incident happen, when the time I wake up from my … Continue reading

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Motivation and Luck

Hi, I would like to share my experience in the business world today. This is pointed to whom as an employee for the organization instead of a person who have there own business. As a employee, the important thing is … Continue reading

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My 1st Blog!

Hi, This is the first time I have my own blog, before this I have created few accounts with different blog name. So confuse and ever duno how to write. However, This few week I’m nothing to do much in … Continue reading

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