ZOUK KL – 16 April 2011


This is the first time I when to this club. Many people told that this is the famous and happening club in Kuala Lumpur.

When we reach there, we need to shown our identity card and get questioning from the checker if you are underage or you face look like thief.. hehe…

We have sitting at the VIP place… Wauuuu… My 1st time in VIP list…. So happy and so excited… the 1st round, we order 2 bottle of Black Label, it only cost RM702.00 (Reasonable).  2nd round – 1 bucket of Heineken cost RM 65.00 (Very Cheap).

I’m very satisfy for the price in the club, but the atmosphere and the size of the club is very disappointed. The place is smelly, so cloudly, so dark, small and the music is very bad.

There is no 2nd time for me to this place..

Thanks for attended this party: Carmen Toon, Pei Siew, Loke, Shirnny, Kah Keng, Chee Wai, Chee Wai brother, Nicholas, 3 members of Nicholas friends.

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Sunway Lagoon – 16 April 2011


Saturday, I have date with my colleague when to Sunway Lagoon.

At fisrt I plan to avoid from the water park, because I’m lazy to take bath and change cloth the the time return to home.

At last, I get wet.. haha….. all the dry park is close due to weather not suitable because it raining a whole day. Make me feel so cool and freeze ^^

The first point we visit is wet park where there have a BIG pool inside the party. The place is look like real beach, actually is human made….

A cool day, the rain unstopable after all the wet party, we have when to uphill to play the some dry park game…. luckily when the time we reach the uphill the rain is stop and the worker allow us the play the game…

Around 4.30pm It time for me to go back…….

Bye Bye Sunway!!

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This is NOT FAIR !!!


I have been working in this company for 2 years and 6 months. Most of my time have been spend in the office. I feel that my home only act like a hotel where only reach home at 9-10pm and when to work at 8am.

Overall of the working hours of this company is 8-9 hours, I have work fully 8-9 hours as per the contract mention, I have no space time between my working life here. Whole day busy until not easy to get off to rest room or lunch.

This is NOT FAIR !!!

Some people:

Came to work at: 12.30pm

Lunch at: 1pm till 2.30pm

Back home around 7-8pm

Total of working time: 6 hours.

The total of 6 hours working life is not include for the chatting time, rest time, rest room time, pantries time and so on… but there still can get promote to senior categories due to relationship with senior management.

Any one can advice whether performance employee is important for the organization or relationship is more important?

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OH MY GOSH – My Neck !!!

This is bad story happen on myself and curse me a serious pain on my neck. Make me so troublesome that not allow me to see left and right.

The incident happen, when the time I wake up from my bed, suddenly i heard a sound “crack crack” that came from my neck. Oh My Gosh!!!! It so so so PAIN……..

Pain from inside to outside, not able to move up and down, left and right.

Serious problem occur when the time I drive to work. I seem like a new drive on the road, coz I not able to see left and right before I perform the turn, I only use my ability sense that there are no car is coming.

Shocking, while make the turn I only knew that my sense is wrong, a big bus is coming toward me…….


Lucky, the bus slow down and stop aside to allow me turn from the junction. Thanks god!!! Lucky there is a good driver in the bus, but I feel so shame, seem like a stupit driver in the road =.=!

This pain has cause me 2 days, hopefully it will recover before reach my weekend.

This few days I unstoppable using Yoko Yoko to reduce my pain.  It a good medicine..

God bless.

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Congratulation to Katrine Lee Kim Kay and Husband (Get Married) **27 March 2011**

Congratulation to my best colleague where we have know each other since we working in this company (2yrs++)
It so happy to know you get married on 27 March 2011 and also thanks for invited my to your house for the dinner on 26 March 2011. You really look so different at the night, Young and Pretty blink all the day and night.

Many people say that bridge is the most pretty and beautiful girl for there whole life. Now I’m believe, the power of the pretty is came inside the heart and can feel by other especially for the lucky guys who gonna married her princess.

Before the wedding night, I have meet back my ex-colleague (Nicholas) on the night where he has been left the company 6 months ago.
I’m here wish you all the best and be a good wife ya ^^

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Chinese Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival is one of the 24 segments in Chinese calendar. It normally falls on the 4th or 5th of April because it’s depended on the Cold Food Day (105 days after previous year’s winter solstice). In the old days, Ching Ming was celebrated 3 days after the Cold Food Day but Cold Food Day was shorted to one day and then abandoned. So nowadays, Ching Ming and Cold Food Day fall on the same day although no one celebrate Cold Food Day any more. Ching Ming is also known as “Remembrance of Ancestors Day” or ‘Grave Sweeping Day’.

Early Morning,

Wake up on 6 in the early moring, and prepare to go Nirvana Park with whole of my family. We gather togehter at Cheras Flat (my granmom old house) have our breakfast.  Feel so sleepy.

After the our breakfast, we have drive along to Nirvana Memorial Park also know as 富貴山莊.
You can feel that this place is very peacefull and the view is very nice because is surrounding with all the hills and forest.

We pray for our grandpa who leave us nearly 10 yrs ago. Even is a long time ago but granpa always in our memory. So miss the time when he is around.
According to my uncle said, we need to burn some fire cracker to wake up my grandpa for coming out have a meal that we brought. It quick funny!!! The weather is super super HOT!!! please on the aircond for me ^^

1.30pm – The way back to home, whole body seem like burn out and so sleepy.

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Motivation and Luck


I would like to share my experience in the business world today. This is pointed to whom as an employee for the organization instead of a person who have there own business.

As a employee, the important thing is to completed a task that your superior provide to you. A simple thing that you need to achieve. Sometime a simple thing can turn to complicated when we apply self motivation where we need to achieve and gain more whatever we have now.

Motivation is the driving force which  help causes us to achieve goals, but recently I found out this is not real. No matter how many effort you input in the company it won’t return the same as what you think. I have tried in this theory in my real experience. I work 12 hours in the company, no error, all task completed in time, systematic process of work flow, high efficiency, high productivity, good relationship among internal and external staff, etc…

I have find out, only motivation is not enough for you to success in your carrier. The key to success should include the LUCK in your life. How you able to control the LUCK flow into your side?

It so simple, what you need to do is have a good relationship with your top management (I mean is top management instead of your line manager). Most the success person are using LUCK Method instead of Motivation Method. I really can’t accept this, I like the organization promote a person who is hardworking and knowledgeable rather than depend for the relationship. HATE IT!!!

Refer to Moslow Hierarchy implemented by Abraham Maslow in 1943, shown that different people have different need.

source: http://www.envisionsoftware.com/articles/Maslows_Needs_Hierarchy.html

Applying Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy – Business Management Implications
If Maslow’s theory is true, there are some very important leadership implications to enhance workplace motivation. There are staff motivation opportunities by motivating each employee through their style of management, compensation plans, role definition, and company activities.

Physiological Motivation: Provide ample breaks for lunch and recuperation and pay salaries that allow workers to buy life’s essentials.
Safety Needs: Provide a working environment which is safe, relative job security, and freedom from threats.
Social Needs: Generate a feeling of acceptance, belonging, and community by reinforcing team dynamics.
Esteem Motivators: Recognize achievements, assign important projects, and provide status to make employees feel valued and appreciated.
Self-Actualization: Offer challenging and meaningful work assignments which enable innovation, creativity, and progress according to long-term goals.
Remember, everyone is not motivated by same needs. At various points in their lives and careers, various employees will be motivated by completely different needs. It is imperative that you recognize each employee’s needs currently being pursued. In order to motivate their employees, leadership must be understand the current level of needs at which the employee finds themselves, and leverage needs for workplace motivation.

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